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Poetic, intense and gripping, Outlying Islands is a glimpse of an innocence, a way of seeing, and way of being young that is about to be destroyed forever It’s the summer of 1939; the eve of the Second World War. Fascism and cynical populism have brought the world to the brink of catastrophe. The young are left with a question, what choices should your generation make when the future of the world as you know it seems to face impending doom?

Two young naturalists from Cambridge university, Robert and John, arrive on a far outlying, Scottish island to conduct a wildlife survey on behalf of the government.
Robert is combative, provocative and curious, John is reserved and conservative. They are accompanied by Kirk, the islands tenant, and his young niece Ellen. When Kirk inadvertently reveals to the boys the true reason for their island survey, Robert and John are drawn into a dark primeval world of raw emotion, voyeurism and murder while the outside world teeters on the brink of war, environmental catastrophe and radical social change. War. Is it natural? Two men fight, two birds fight, that’s natural enough. But do you ever see a thousand or a million birds flock together to attack a million others? Birds kill, but you never see them massacre. War and God. Perhaps they are peculiarly human inventions.
Robert – Outlying Islands

David Greig was born in Edinburgh in 1969. He spent much of his childhood in Jos, Nigeria during the 1970’s where his father worked in the construction industry. His plays have been performed in major theatres across Britain including the Traverse Theatre, Royal Court Theatre, Royal National Theatre and by the Royal Shakespeare Company. His work often deals with a yearning for connection between characters, despite enormous personal, social, cultural and political distances between them; international and global links; great value placed on imagination, creativity, and wonder.

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Playwright – David Greig
Director – Marc Atkinson
Set & Lighting – Colm McNally
Costume Design – Christopher Metzger
Composition and Sound Design – Lester St. Louis & Eoghan Quinn
Costume Design – Christopher Metzger
Production Stage Manager – Paige Carter
Stage Managers – Scott Wray & Abraham Marlett
Dramaturg – Ben Hoover
Production Management – Jack Berrill & Ferdia Cahill
Producers – Caolan Hunter, Georgina Ratnatunga & Brandon Kahn


Ellen – Maeve O’Mahony
John – Peter Corboy
Robert – Jefferson White
Kirk – Leon Ingulsrud
Musicians – Lester St. Louis & Eoghan Quinn

August, 2017
Samuel Beckett Theatre
Dublin, Ireland

March/April, 2016
The Connelly Theater
New York City, USA

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